New Raya 2024 Product?!

New Raya 2024 Product?!

Hello to our esteemed MessengerCo customers! We're thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our RAYA 2024 collection: introducing 'EID'! Derived from the rich tapestry of Arabic culture, 'EID' symbolizes festivity and celebration. But wait, there's more! Are you ready to immerse yourself in the essence of jubilation? Come on, let's dive into the unveiling of our captivating new product!


RAYA 2024: EID

Here's how the new product will look.

Experience the joy of Raya with our Eid Set! Included in each set are:

  • Mosque Artisanal Wooden Box
  • Pandan Chocolate Sprinkle Cookies (Halal) 30-35 pcs
  • Seri Songket Passion Fruit BOH 20 sachets
  • Apricot 50gram
  • Kurma Ajwa 7 Pieces - 50 gram
  • Peanut Candy in Drawstring Bag - 5 pieces
  • Greeting Card

DSC03266 (1)
DSC03317 (1)
DSC03373 (2)
DSC03483 (1)
DSC03377 (2)
DSC02781 (1)

Behold the wonderful offer before you: only RM 189.00 for a treasure trove of goodies! Each carefully picked item nestled within our gift set has a value that goes beyond monetary worth. Don't wait any longer, claim yours today and go on a journey of incomparable enjoyment!

 Click Here for EID 

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