• About Us

  • We're your go-to for corporate gifting, but cooler. Our AI-powered B2B platform makes gift decisions a snap, within your dateline, fixed budget and quantity needs. We offer end-to-end services, including curation, free digital mock-ups and designs, customizable branding, and worldwide delivery.

  • What We Do

  • We help companies send and simplify gifting and merchandise to their staff and clients in 220+ countries. Whether companies buy 1 or 1,000 items and ship to 1 or 1,000 locations, we ensure a delightful experience for both senders and recipients. 

  • How We're Doing It

  • Our range spans from branded merchandise to personalized gifts, enhancing occasions like staff onboarding, festive sets, appreciations, and branded swag.

  • Our innovative and dependable global distribution solutions make the process hassle-free, faster, and more cost-effective, especially for large enterprises with complex procurement systems.

Our Story 

In 2021, we curated a gift specifically with one person in mind, Stephy Lim. 

She was a gift to everyone, bravely facing stage 4 cancer. 

She was important to Heaster, and in the pandemic, sending gifts became the only way to express our support. 

But... Gift options are boring, repetitive and thoughtless.

So, Heaster with 0 gifting skills 😂, started a curated gifting company and our classic hot cocoa went viral!

In 2022, we gained corporate traction as companies recognized us as a meaningful way to connect with their staff and clients through unique gifts.

By 2023, we experienced exponential growth, and in December, we received validation and funding from Antler to spearhead our vision!

Our Vision and Mission 

Vision: Spreading Joy Through Gifts

We want to disrupt old-fashioned and traditional gifting companies by making gifting more accessible, fast, and meaningful by leveraging AI.

Mission: Work with 5,000 happy big entities customers

We have a goal to serve 5,000 large companies with complex procurement systems, facilitating the distribution of their gifts and merchandise on a global scale. 


Our journey is fueled by the passionate minds behind it. Our founders embody a fusion of expertise, dedication, and a shared vision. Their diverse backgrounds and unwavering commitment converge to shape the very essence of our company. Meet the founders!


Heaster Andrea


B. Accounting, Universiti Malaya.

Heaster - CEO, bootstrapped Messengerco from scratch with only RM1,000 in capital. In just 2 years, she grew revenue to RM3 million without any external funding or connections. While she began her career in finance, she has a knack for shaking up the competitive corporate gifting market. Heaster is driven by the bigger picture and seeks to make a meaningful impact while leveraging whatever resources she has efficiently.

Wayne Wong


B. Management, USM.

Wayne - COO, built Messengerco's in-house production warehouse and capabilities ground up despite having "0" knowledge or experience in the gifting industry. He is passionate about building, refining, and optimizing supply chain and logistics ecosystems to facilitate Messengerco's rapid scaling while leveraging technology. Wayne is recognized for his ability to unite teams towards a shared vision and ensuring that the team is on track for our short-term and long-term goals.

Kimberly Lau


BS. Statistics, RMIT.

Kimberly - CBO, led the business team to penetrate the market as quickly and effectively as possible. She boosted Messengerco's sales by 300% and cultivated meaningful relationships with our customers. Kimberly ensured that our AI gifting solutions reached the MLP (minimum lovable product) stage within the resources available, driving revenue per employee and building a successful team under her leadership.

Mahamat Moussa


Ph.D in AI, Monash University.

Moussa - CTO, has over 10 years of experience as a software engineer. With a Ph.D. in deep learning and computer vision, he has worked on projects such as digitizing Mecca city for the Saudi government. Moussa is also a serial entrepreneur, having started a gifting startup in Saudi that secured $1 million in funding. He joined Messengerco in late 2023, bringing his expertise and leading innovation to our team.


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