Happy Labor Day! - RM 100, RM 50 & below? Here order with us!

Happy Labor Day! - RM 100, RM 50 & below? Here order with us!

Celebrate all of the hardworking and dedicated employees with a Labor Day gift from MessengerCo Gift Sdn Bhd. Our layouts contain admiration for employees' hard work, as well as a variety of thoughtful presents ideal for showing gratitude to colleagues or employees. Each present is thoughtfully chosen to honor the workforce's vital contribution. Whether it's a show of appreciation for team members' dedication or a mark of recognition for great performance, MessengerCo present Sdn Bhd makes certain that each present reflects the importance of Labor Day in celebrating the workforce.

Here are the impressive array of gift sets list bestowed upon their esteemed staff by the Corporate Company:

1. Customised Corporate Gift Set - Wasiyyah Shopee


RM 66.00

What's Inside:

  • Notebook and Pen gift set with hardcover box, ribbon and gift tag.
  • Paper bag with logo.
  • Logo on notebook.
  • Name Card Holder with logo.
  • Custom Greeting card.
2. Customised Corporate Gift Set - HELP International School


RM 85.00

What's Inside:

  • White LED Stainless Steel Thermal Flask + custom logo + personalised name.
  • Stainless Steel Cutlery Set (Spoon, Fork, Chopsticks) + custom logo + personalised name.
  • White Gift Box + Red Ribbon + shredded paper + custom logo.
  • Wish Card.

3. Corporate Gift Personalised Tumbler Flask Set - Sun Pharma


RM 52.00

What's Inside:

  • LED Temperature Display Flask.
  • Premium Matte Gift Box with Clear Window + Ribbon.
  • Custom Gift Tag.
  • Custom Wish Card.

4. Staff/ Client Gift Set - LHDN


RM 94.00

What's Inside:

  • Flask with logo.
  • Notebook with logo.
  • Pen with logo.
  • Greeting card
  • Premium Gift box with Ribbon.

5. Personalised Staff Gift Set - High Pines


RM 92.00

What's Inside:

  • Personalised Mug.
  • Custom Engraved Logo coaster.
  • Twinnings Tea.
  • Golden Tea Spoon.
  • CustomDesign Wish Card.
  • Custom Branding on box + shredded paper + ribbon.

As Labor Day comes, remember to appreciate the dedication and hard work of individuals who contribute to our collective wealth. Our Labor Day gift set is a token of appreciation and thanks for our employees' enduring devotion. Allow this present to be a mark of our deep appreciation, a modest gesture to express our profound gratitude for the invaluable contributions given every day. I wish you all a happy and peaceful Labor Day celebration.

You can not only purchase already designed gift sets, but we can also create unique ones based on your preferences.


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