Looking For Corporate Gifts Around RM50 - RM 100? Here order with us!

Looking For Corporate Gifts Around RM50 - RM 100? Here order with us!
Are you looking for CORPORATE GIFTS? We're the solution! Giving corporate presents is more than just exchanging gifts, it has a long-term influence on customers, employees, and partners. MessengerCo understands what is required in the business sector, thus we provide a diverse selection of gifts that strike the ideal combination of quality and affordability. Whether you're commemorating a milestone, expressing thanks, or fostering a relationship, MessengerCo has a selection of gifts priced between RM 50 and RM 100 that are sure to impress.

Elegance in Simplicity
We offer exquisite and useful corporate gifts that are both sophisticated and affordable.


Business Card Holder - Sangfor

Personalized Touch
Personalize your corporate presents using MessengerCo's personalization choices. From engraved pens to thermos flasks, these personalized gifts allow you to display your company's brand or send a sincere message, creating a lasting impact on recipients.


Customised Corporate Gift Set - KPJ KAJANG


Custom Corporate Branding Gift Set - Maybank

Practical & Stylish
We provide both practical and elegant corporate gifts. Choose from sleek notebooks, exquisite pens, or handy umbrellas, all of which are designed to boost productivity and create a memorable impression on recipients.


The Executive Corporate Kit Set A


The Executive Corporate Kit Set B

With the gift selection we offer, corporate gifts doesn't have to be expensive to make a lasting impact. A selection of gift layouts under RM 50 – RM 100 offers something for every taste and preference, ensuring your token of appreciation is meaningful and budget-friendly. Whether you're looking for practical tech gadgets, personalized keepsakes, or meaningful gifts, MessengerCo can help you up your corporate gifts game without breaking your budget.

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