Corporate Gifts For RM 100 - RM 150? We are here!

Corporate Gifts For RM 100 - RM 150? We are here!
Are you looking for corporate presents for your clients, staff, or partners? The solutions are here! MessengerCo not only delivers you with gifts, but they are of great quality and match your high expectations. Especially in corporate business! Giving business presents entails more than simply exchanging goods. It fosters solid relationships with clients, employees, and partners. Whatever the occasion, MessengerCo has a range of presents priced between RM 100 and RM 150 that are sure to impress.

1. Timeless Notion Kit


Price: RM 135.00

What's Inside:

  • Gift Box and Paper Bag(Green, Blue, Black)
  • Notebook with Personalization(Green, Blue, Black)
  • Pen with Personalization
  • Flask/Tea Bottle with Personalization

2. Welcome Gift Set - BCG


Price: RM 126.00

What's Inside:

  • Tote bag with custom print (1 sided)
  • Hexagonal drinking glass with Logo
  • Notebook with Name
  • Sparkle Pen with Logo
  • White box with transparent lid + gift tag
  • Custom Greeting card

3. Welcome Gift Set - Encorp


Price: RM 110.00

What's Inside:

  • Black PU Notebook with Logo
  • Custom Logo Mug - Custom Logo Drinking Bottle
  • Custom Design Canvas Pencil Case Bag
  • Custom Design Welcome Card
  • Black Gift Box + shredded paper + Ribbon + Custom Design Gift Tag
  • Black Ink Ball Pen

4. The Perfect Blend Gift Box


Price: RM 138.00

What's Inside:

  • Rustic Rattan Basket + Shredded Paper + Ribbon + Deco
  • Mini French Press
  • Ninurta Coffee Beans Dark Roast
  • Golden Scoop Spoon
  • Ferrero Rocher mini pack
  • Pine Cone Deco
  • Greeting Card

5. Corporate Personalised Gift Set- TGSB


Price: RM 104.00

What's Inside:

  • Flask with logo and personalised name
  • Wheat Cutlery Set with Logo and personalised name
  • Toiletry Bag with Logo and Name
  • Black Premium Gift box with Ribbon
  • Greeting Card
This is an example of a corporate gift that we create. The collection allows you to personalize your corporate logo! Isn't it interesting? You get a high-quality set of gifts at an inexpensive price, and you can even personalize them with your brand.

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